projects for humdrum days – Okanagan part 3

i anticipated some moments of deep boredom and welcomed some humdrum whether due to thundershowers or heat setting a lazy pace. the older boy mastered shuffling cards and is now joker rummied out after numerous games with grandma P and neighbors. i look forward to him tiring of battleship next. the “mud kitchen” went through various stages of play and the boys were delighted to make grandma’s garden green juice before mama questioned the safety of giving the children a meat grinder to play with!*?

yard soupNo Caption

the older boy helped make bubble wands,the younger ones played with them and i’m still working out a good bubble to water to glycerin/corn syrup ratio. Thank you to my dear friend Michelle for the idea some time ago.

No Caption

“home” he said. grandma’s seashell collection is quite impressive;

No CaptionNo CaptionNo Captionfrom other landsNo Caption

as is her marble collection;

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“i’m holding myself upside down” he said.

i'm holding myself upside down

these fun glasses took far longer than anticipated and i managed to only complete 3 pairs as opposed to the plenty i had hoped to gift to all the kids we played with over the days;

No Captionsilly funNo Caption

nothing is ever boring with grandma P around. the kids both get such a kick out of his photograph;

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my roots are in it – Okanagan part 2

home,nature,Okanagan,travels | Thursday, August 30th, 2012

driving the crowsnest Hwy 3 i’ve come to know the hairpin turns and steep inclines that lead me in an easterly direction to converge with Hwy 97 at which point i breathe deep the familiar smell of approaching home. it is a combination of scents mixing sage brush in the dry heat with the larger component of lake water. the olfactory experience reaps nostalgia for me, some with fondness and others not so much but i appreciate it for what it is and it is everywhere as the lake irrigates the surrounding orchards (well more vineyards now) and fields of potential feasts that feed me.  plunging into the lake refreshes me of the semi desert heat waves but i waver along the shore wishing for stillness if the breeze blows cool from the north. i long for the fine balance and hold fast to those perfect moments. i love summer.

lake waterNo Caption

simple living – Okanagan part 1

There’s something about being away from all the comforts of home and the conveniences of a well established routine that is so deeply satisfying. Getting away, making do and then finding a new forgiving sort of rhythm seems a most appropriate thing to do in the height of Summer. The simple living we established in the Okanagan over our 12 day getaway leaves me full and gracious. i am gently reminded of the slower pace that is not only enough but a gift i hope to call upon in the depths of Winter. Sleeping in darkness, rising with the sun and the birds, achieving a nourishing meal, sensing an eagerness from all to move forward on to the day’s adventure…There is much to marvel in the gardens, fields and waysides that life can’t help but unroll in abundance if only you just open your arms to receive it.

from the ladder upfrom the ladder downNo CaptionNo Captioni've been awayNo Captionopen armsOkanagan storms are the best.No CaptionNo Caption

afternoon on the porch

crafting,playful | Monday, August 13th, 2012

Little M naps long in the afternoons which both keeps us home from other explorations and allows for quieter project time for me and my older boy, together and/or apart.

popsicle puzzles – self explanatory for making  your own. it didn’t feel right to cut up peoples face but i did find some animal photos about. Also the larger popsicle sticks (or tongue depressors) would work well for littler folk.

No Caption No CaptionNo Captionporch projects

finger strings – the kids were just getting into this in school before summer break. i ordered this book recently and Little A is completely immersed in it. i love how it is something that he can do on his own and also how it engages others with stories, tricks and 2 person games.

finger strings

Eiffel tower;

Eiffel Tower

a man;

a man

sweet times to indulge in while the littlest one sleeps;



a lull in the studio

sewing,shop | Sunday, August 12th, 2012

I am going through a summertime lull with the studio space and sewing projects. I glance at the shelves briefly each day and then head outside. Before getting back into things for Fall i thought i would clear the shop a little and so April listings are marked down 25%, May listings 20% and June listings 15%. If you’ve been on the fence then now is a good time to pick up a Summer crown or twirly skirt.

SALE Vintage Rose Kercief and Lace SALE Wool Felt Crown - Pink Nests and Flowers  SALE A Twirly Skirt in pink polka dot linen with owl pocket

SALE Twirly Skirt in Summer Blues  SALE Ikat Twirly Skirt with Little Red Riding Hood Trim SALE Wool Felt Crown - Boy at the Fence

SALE Wool Felt Crown - Blue Green Toadstools SALE Bunting Flags - Earthy Browns SALE Wool Felt Crown - Life is Beautiful     

For those of you already planning ahead for back to school clothes, keep it easy and just patch up those worn out knees. Each pair of patchwork knee patches is lined & quilted. The edges are serged so that you may quickly and easily pin them into place and sew them on either by hand or machine.;

  Patchwork Knee Patches - set of 2 Sunny   Patchwork Knee Patches - set of 2 turquoise blue Patchwork Knee Patches - set of 2 Red & Blue

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