celebrations,waldorf learning and living | Saturday, September 29th, 2012

leading up to Little A’s first school play (with costumes and all) there was much talk and practice and recreating at home; setting the puppet stage, rewriting all the verses, directing his little dragon brother and discovering the importance of the meteor -a role he did not really understand but was to play instead of the gnome he longed to be. today we will bake some sort of a dragon bread, read our dragon books, play with our comet balls and probably run around the hood in capes with swords.

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check out last year’s dragon here. maybe next year i will gather and dry the marigolds to use for dyeing capes. i’m all for keeping it simple. enjoy your day, however you spend it.

“when i was 7”

artful projects,celebrations,creative community,family,playful | Wednesday, September 26th, 2012

So my sister had this idea since Little A was 2 and then 3 and then 4 and so on to make a book for his birthday. it was a great idea that took some years to transpire and so this summer, on his 8th birthday, she gifted him this beautiful book titled “when i was 7”. i think he might be 6 in some of the shots and surely you’ve seen all the images here at some point but wow! it’s amazing to have on my shelf and in my hands. the illustrations are really sweet and i love her choice of layout and images;

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autumn and woodland

seasons,shop | Saturday, September 22nd, 2012

While i’m not finding much time in the studio these days, i am finding a whole lot of stock lingering about that needs photographing. i did manage to accomplish a few wee photo shoots during this past week of gorgeous ‘end of Summer sunshine’.  it seems i have some very appropriate items for Autumn to stock the shop.

Autumn scarves in various luxurious fabrics; raw silk, linens, cottons and wool. Modeled by my stunning friend A;

Autumn Scarf - soft wool and leaves

Autumn Scarf - flowers and trees

Autumn Scarf -  Silk and Leaves

Felted nesting bowls for stacking, nesting or filling, for children or adults, for the nature table or the dresser top;

gathering season has begun

sweet wool felt pine cones to hang or use in nature displays in your home;

Wool Felt Pinecone Decoration - bright blueWool Felt Pinecone Decoration - orange

while i do have some children’s pants i do not have willing models and so all i can offer for the time being are the new patchwork knee patches – to lively up some well worn pants;

Patchwork Knee Patches - set of 2 Brown

Crowns for Autumn birthday celebrations;

Wool Felt Crown - Squirrels and Oak Leaves   Wool Felt Crown - Cupcakes and Flowers Wool Felt Crown - Brown Owls

so if you haven’t already then head on over to the shop!

the littlest A in our world

family,parenting,playful | Friday, September 21st, 2012

this past week we welcomed the littlest A to our daily rhythm and flow. i admit the idea of taking care of another very young one was daunting and if she wasn’t such a happy gal and if she wasn’t my niece i don’t think i ever could/would do it but she’s awesome and we love her and we want to be more connected with her in our day to day and so it is that my heart and hands are fuller from here on in, well for 3 days of the week anyways;

cousinsNo Caption

hypericum perforatum

I first came to know it as St John’s wort and associated it with herbs to treat depression. i know it  now as an invasive plant and i’m planning to make use of my foraged noxious weed in a “feel better balm” along with comfrey leaves, calendula flowers and plantain in beeswax and olive oil. my hands tend to be dry this time of year so i’m sure a little of this will be soothing and i intend to tuck a little jar of it in my aspiring home apothecary for the treatment of superficial burns, inflammations, insect bites and other minor injuries;

hypericumCopy of DSC_5822beeswax.jpg

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