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30 day challenges,day to day,seasons | Thursday, October 11th, 2012

the light is shifting as the sun sleeps in and retires early. while September light was brilliant gold in skies both clear and blue, this October sun is subdued in fog and the candles are coming out in our home – i’m tempted to turn on the heat, linger longer in the tub and cozy up in wool. the paths are dry but i feel it in my bones, the rains are coming. the wind is pestilent and those stunning leaves hardly stay gathered in the tidy piles the rake hand intends them to be. this, my friends is tea time. it’s not so much a challenge as it is a daily ritualĀ  and so for the next 30 days as Autumn whirls itself my way i’m going to take some moments, sip on some delicious teas and take notice of the spectacle. Today’s blendĀ  – Licorice Blossom from the Tea Guy shared with my older boy in a quiet moment as the littler boy wearily gave into an afternoon nap.

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adventuring & exploring,celebrations,family | Monday, October 8th, 2012

it’s turning out to be yet another gorgeous (long) weekend. We began at our good friend’s 8th birthday party – a fantastic forest birthday gathering. i hope Little A is inspired to try a summer school program here next summer;

fire startingNo Caption

Sunday we gathered more spontaneously with friends and family for some holiday feasting -Happy Thanksgiving folks!

brusselsgatheringNo Caption

and the weekend continues…

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September 2012

beaches,brothers,day to day,delicious,nature,seasons | Monday, October 1st, 2012

i have been noticing and loving the September sun lower in the sky – sun sparkles and ocean views;

sun sparklesNo Captionseptemberoceanside before bedNo Caption

dinner in the corner of the yard where the sun shines the longest;

No Caption

more please

No Caption

blackberries, peaches & cream plus a little hemp hearts and a drizzle of maple syrup;

No Caption

variations of market meals;

eating outside

gathering in a modest crop of chamomile for tea;

Copy of DSC_5813chamomile.jpg

start of school gathering;



more beach adventures;

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cafe mornings after dropping Little A to school;

No Caption

living, learning and sharing with baby A; No CaptionNo Caption

weekends and afternoons together (no they are not always this co-operative in their play);

No Caption

Autumn is upon us;

No Caption

this shot was from the very first day of September – short sleeves, warmth&sunshine, Little A still at home with us during the week and we were off on a blackberry forage;

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