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These photos make me look super productive but it’s been accumulating over many months and really the most i’ve achieved this week are some photo shoots and price tagging. Aside from the creative handmades that you will be able to purchase in the market place there will be much magic to take in this Saturday at the Vancouver Waldorf School’s Christmas Fair. See you Saturday November 24th 10am-3pm! i will be set up with Anna in the main hall to the right as you enter.

little friendsgathering basketsirresistibletrimmings and remnantsready set sew knee patchescorduroygrey alpacadecorate

Curious? check out last year’s fair.

Shop update next week!


celebrations,waldorf learning and living | Tuesday, November 20th, 2012

We were busy with other events on the day of Saint Martinmas but, as celebrations tend to go around here, we have been busy for weeks with lantern making, lighting, wandering, story telling…and so we haven’t missed a beat really. As it is still a rather new celebration in our home we are still finding and making meaning of it; baking and sharing food, donating warm woolens…i like the idea of focusing on warmth and turning inward to kindle our individual sparks to then emanate and share with others. i had planned to make Little M a milo and for Little A a new hat and while the projects went wayside, my intention is to get knitty during the coming cooler months.

No CaptionmartinmasmartinmasNo Captionlantern light

Grade 2’s hosted a wee lantern gathering last night. i was worried that Little M’s napless mood might burn the place down but he settled long enough and we delighted in seeing and hearing Little A and his friends in procession and song.

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parenting,whole food and healing | Friday, November 9th, 2012

seriously! my little guy had us all in ER at children’s 2 weeks ago when he split his noggin to the bone on our couch (the same corner he knocked his tooth loose on some months ago). he was so unbelievably brave through the entire experience. man! he blows me away. still he continues with his rambunctious ways as though nothing ever happened and i feel a whole lot more cautious on his behalf.

No Caption

7 stitches ( i can’t help feeling like i could have made some nicer stitches);

No Caption

this guy

scarred and unphased, healthy, happy and super tough;


leaves in the hood

Our neighbors are so awesome! This weekend the boys and i were down the road swinging on one of the many neighborhood swings when the folk next door passed us by with their new rake. T’is the season. Next thing i know they are out there raking up our front lawn that is was full of giant soggy horse chestnut leaves and they did a better job all at once than i ever have! There’s a lot of rakes scraping the walkways these days, ours included. The heaps at some of the intersections are like barricades and the bulldozers continue to pile them higher for the dump trucks to haul off and away. It’s rather exciting to see from our front window, in our yard and on our walks; The leaves are coming down! chestnut, maple, gingko, oak… Today Little M excitedly pointed out to me that there are just 6 red maple leaves left hanging on our tree. It will be awhile still and some windy days before the Japanese maple is left bare but they too are coming down. They make a smaller pile and they were mostly dry this beautiful, sunny day so the little ones delighted in piling, scattering, riding bikes through, belly flopping and burying into while i played around with a rediscovered forgotten lens.

japanese mapleNo Captionarms fullx.No Captionentertaining AstridvesNo Caption

i’ll take more of these mild Autumn days all through November please.

October 2012

adventuring & exploring,brothers,day to day,nature,seasons | Thursday, November 1st, 2012

while i’m more quiet here in this space it really isn’t so and life is full as usual.

No Captionmore awesome beach weatherNo CaptionNo CaptionNo Caption

Thanksgiving gathering (Leanne’s photos);

No CaptionNo CaptionNo Caption

some gathering in and seasonal crafts;

x.Copy of DSC_6137chestnut folk.jpgnature inspired window sillNo Captioncritters

days with the littlest A alongside;

monday at my placeNo Caption

leaves in abundance;

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last days at the farm;

hello pumpkinheadapples are the best

putting the garden to sleep;

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darkening days;

Untitledsafe crossing

Halloween – this is all i got. it poured hard which didn’t keep the hundreds of kids from parading our street and stoop but it did keep my hands full of umbrellas rather than cameras. Little A put his own costume together entirely which was a huge relief for me and quite frankly, as it should be – a woodland elf. Little M was Little’s A’s last year dragon and he was done after 5 houses. Both boys were very sweet; the older boy so very polite, much more assertive and determined, the younger rather wide eyed taking it all in and following close at his brother’s heels. woodland elf and dragon

October from start to end has been most dramatic from gorgeous sunny beach days to hail, showers and windstorms. woolens are out from their summer hiding place, flannel sheets and hot water bottles are at the ready, popcorn for dinner has become a Friday night comfort and the month of tea moments is evolving to steamed milk and honey and soon hot cocoa…we’re cozying up. and you?

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