today the boys found a shipwreck on the shore of our beach. it was in real rough shape but they worked hard at fixing it a new sail, backed it up with both modern engine and trusty oars and spent some hours out on the water tweaking the defenses with canons and auto bow and arrows…here’s to another year of adventuring and exploring, to more replies of “yes”, to softening my ego, to playing along and learning ever more from these mateys.

dreaming up a life at sea;

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beach combing for useful ship parts;

beach combersNo Caption No CaptionNo Caption

life at sea;

sailinglife at seaNo Caption

satisfied and content;

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appropriately tattooed;

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into the tents

artful projects,playful | Sunday, December 30th, 2012

well if my recent back injury didn’t make me want to work on my core strength, this sure did! i love cirque de soleil.

cirque de soleil.jpg

(leanne’s photos)

christmas time

celebrations,family,seasons | Thursday, December 27th, 2012

honestly, it’s been a bit overwhelming with things not happening smoothly or patiently or lovingly. we are all at fault. still there are some real good moments worth sharing;

solstice surprise;

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4th light of Advent – enter the elves;

No Captionbakermen

living more in the living room (we need to master this in the new year);

No Captionwooden lego from some years agobingo

Christmas Eve;

No CaptionNo Captionmerry christmas eve!No CaptionNo Caption

Christmas morning from my post on the couch where i spent most of the day with a pulled muscle in my back . ouch! i think the kids didn’t miss a beat though. more Christmas to come this weekend;

No CaptionNo Caption

looking forward to feeling stronger and getting out in the world.

beasts large and small

celebrations,seasons,waldorf learning and living | Wednesday, December 19th, 2012

No CaptionUntitled

With this 3rd light of Advent
We give thanks to the animals
To beasts large and small
Who reflect back our souls

Bless the friendship
and wonderment they provide,
Their gifts of self
nourish our lives.

Bless the deep knowledge
and the lessons they offer,
about caring and loving
And sharing Earth with each other.

(umm i think we need a pet!)


celebrations,seasons | Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

it’s going on all around. some days i’m right in it and other days not so much.which one?No CaptionNo CaptionNo CaptiongnomeyNo Captionstar child

Little A asked for lego;

No Caption

and Little M asked for dried blueberries;

No Caption

staff (and regulars) gathering;

Elysian gathering

and the most delicious home baked bread i’ve ever eaten;

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