January 2013

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a quick hello to the oceanNo Captionwishing ball

it was a good month for my 30 day challenge of knit and purl and crochet too. indeed i did have my hands in the wool each and every day, some of which i have already posted about and a few other little things here and there;

*cotton wool gnomey hatssimple crochetfor small hands seed stitch wash cloths

first picnic of the year; 

first picnic of the year

new choroi pentatonic flute – playing while Little M dances;

No Caption

baking shenanigans;

bakersNo Caption 

yes! to apple pie a la mode

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loving my walks with Sarah Jean and friends at mosey and plod;

shades and textures of greenmunroe & his scootera cold and frosty morninglockedwinter branches in fogblue sky under fogNo Caption

31 pops done;

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littlest ones

It was a smooth week back in the groove with the littlest A after 6 weeks off for holidays and back-strain-healing-time. She’s walking and talking and ever so grown up and the 2 little ones got on all week without any hair pulling;children's workprotective eyewearcousins making coffeeNo CaptionNo CaptionNo CaptionNo Captionsunny daythis is how we do nap time. indeed she is crashed out with her little paws over her eyes and Little M is getting so fast on his bike; how we do nap timeNo CaptionNo CaptionNo Caption

cotton projects

30 day challenges,creative community,home,woolens | Thursday, January 17th, 2013

i didn’t mean to but i stopped in at Maiwa the other day and picked up some organic cotton for a few simple seed stitch wash cloths.  seed stitch was new for me, very simple and rhythmic to knit over coffee at the cafe. i love a project that i can toss in my tote and finish here and there in a day. i’m hoping there’s enough of each colorway to make a match and then if i’m still into it i might try and knit those Pakucho organic cottons too. my current wash cloths are due for replacement! 

still need to block these to even out the stitches but i’ll wait until i’ve knit the others and block them all at once;

other ecologically sound projects on the to do list are both Abby’s reuseable hemp/cotton wipesand Natalie’s lavender skin toner. love those gals!

mosey and plod

he might have stayed in for a nap but our friends told us about these cool “water pausing” icicles overhanging the sandy cliffs at the beach that we decided to post pone the nap and go for a mosey and plod oceanside. it was so worth the wander since we don’t get to see  icicles like this very often in the city;

new to him beachNo CaptionNo CaptionUntitledNo CaptionNo Caption

grey and blue

30 day challenges,creative community,woolens | Sunday, January 13th, 2013

i don’t usually like to post so far in advance on a project and good thing i haven’t already because once upon a time this fisherman’s pullover was going to be for Little A and now it’s destined to be one for Little M. So far only 1 skein is wound and no pressure – i’ll see how smoothly the progress goes…

i’m not just daydreaming. i really am knitting – more misti alpaca caps (not sure what will become of that ball of lovely single strand soft merino yet);

the littlest A’s hat;

littlest A's hat

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