September 2013

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Little A is back to school and in good time i think. He was ready to reconnect with friends after our long summer and the brothers are really going through some rivalries these days so the space is good. i wish i could say that i am full of projects and busyness but i’m just not feeling it these days. At the tail end of recovery from a mild concussion & benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, i’m all about single tasking and doing little. The winds are blowing, conkers falling, leaves piling, rhythms shifting…September is always huge;

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Miachaelmas time – each of us taming our own dragon;

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artful projects,crafting,learning all the time | Thursday, September 26th, 2013

Little A is totally immersed in Kathryn Lasky’s Guardians of Ga’Hoole series;

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following suit in awe of feathered friends;

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i’m inspired by Andy Goldsworthy’s nature inspired artwork and find myself chaining leaves around the city parks with my side kick. it’s meditative in moments of waiting and i love the temporariness of them. also it’s fun to observe others delighted by them;

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this day in other years

day to day,family | Wednesday, September 25th, 2013

do you ever do this? peek back at photo folders to see what you were doing this day in other years?

September 25th 2012 we were beginning our days with the littlest A and picnicking outside; No Caption

September 25th 2011 i was crafting a Martinmas lantern bunting;


September 25th 2010 the Ateam went to the park;

No Caption No Caption

September 25th 2009 i took no photos!

September 25th 2008 we recently moved to our new hood and were loving the leaves and chestnuts;

No Caption

September 25th 2007 we ate pie for breakfast, wandered along the train tracks and met Auntie and Uncle J at Fisherman’s Wharf;

No Caption

September 25th 2006 (oh nooooo a project still unfinished!) i thought that i would make Little A a community quilt; No Caption

September 25th 2005 i took no photos.

September 2004 i was still shooting a lot of film and didn’t file daily photos. this one was film. i don’t know if i look more tired now or then (wow i’ve had insomnia for 9 years now). Aren’t Little A’s thighs scrumptious?

No Caption 

September 2003 i don’t even have a folder for September.

anyone else know what they were doing this day in other years?

Beatrice May Beard’s Quilt

family,farmers,sewing | Sunday, September 15th, 2013

I never met my grandma (my mom’s mom) but i wonder about her and how alike or unalike we may have been…  My mom backed and tied this quilt top for me in my early teens that my grandma had made using small pieces of old clothing and donated pieces that they would receive in the mail from friends.No CaptionNo Caption 

i love the functional haphazardness of this quilt. it’s apparent that she was making use of every small bit of fabric that she had at the time, the pattern of the blocks determined by the odd scraps available.No CaptionNo CaptionNo CaptionSome of the patterns i’m sure are feedsacks. Others i think were worn thin and perhaps replaced or sewn over by my mom with fabrics apparently from another time – i’ll have to show and ask her some time. i see pieces that look like tea towels, some make me think of hankies or boxers and some remind me of the floor length gold curtains that hung in our orange shag carpeted living room.No CaptionNo Caption No Caption

I didn’t appreciate this quilt so much in my teens and i  tucked it away in my tickle trunk for a day far off into the future. It resurfaced on my most recent trip to the Okanagan as i attempted to finally free up the drawers and closet that were once storage of my neglected belongings. I’m happy to say that only 1 trunk remains (and my piano but that’s across the street at the neighbors). So the quilt has come home. it’s quite huge and the boys have used it to build forts a few times and we’ve bundled up in it, exploring the various patterns and textures, noticing the parts that were hand sewn and those sewn by machine, imagining my mom and her siblings once wearing the clothing that these pieces may have once been… DSC_6759edit.JPGNo Caption

rainbow shop

shop | Saturday, September 14th, 2013

i couldn’t resist.

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Little Red Caboose Shop

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