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Welcome. I’m Ella and i live on Canada’s West Coast with Alistair and 2 sweet beans. Mostly i’m a mom inspired by Waldorf philosophies and interested in unschooling. i used to work part time as a Doctor of Chinese Medicine and Doula. Perhaps i’ll return to that work one day…for now i’m lucky to stay home and do my real life work.

i like to take a lot of photos. On that note i mostly shoot with a Canon 5D.¬† i like it as i’ve liked shooting with the Nikon D80 each¬† for different reasons but more importantly i know them better than other cameras. i find this article by Ken Rockwell inspiring when i feel like i would take better photos if i just had better gear.

i love to hunt, gather, putter and play inspired by natural fibers of cotton, linen, silk, soy, hemp and wool and also by stones. Currently i am enjoying more hand stitching and knitting projects. i have a line up of sewing projects on the table which i will get to as time permits. Many of my projects are made for family and friends and i have a wee shop that i update from time to time.

This is a space where i like to document and share with those interested. Thank you for visiting!


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