December 2013

brothers,celebrations,monthly,seasons | Monday, December 30th, 2013

December is a month of so much going on. Post-Christmas i’m prepared to do very little and in need of a little New Year’s Fire to get me going again. Here’s a jumble of photos from the home front; 

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Little M’s projects;

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Saint Nicholas morning;

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Advent morning treasure seeking;

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“Dear Advent Elves, i have enjoyed your gifts. My favorite was the stone owls…”;

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care to share favorite waffle recipes? Aside from a drizzle of maple syrup these ones are all decked out without added sugar – spelt flour, summer blubes and avalon cream. 

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first snow;

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2 more sleeps

brothers,celebrations,playful,seasons | Monday, December 23rd, 2013

i think there might be too many sweets in our days.

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snow day!!

brothers,home,nature,playful,seasons | Saturday, December 21st, 2013

Little A skipped the last half day of school and the boys headed out in the snow before 7am. they spent 4 hours straight building snowmen, snow forts, snowballs, sledding, eating snow… After drying off and refueling they headed out again to the tobaggan hill. Small dramas aside, i wore my pjs ALL day (out with my 1993 sorels shoveling snow), got the littlest A to sleep in the teepee and spent some cozy time knitting last minute gifts;

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oblivious to the slushy snow that has fallen down his neck, totally immersed in snow play;

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Winter Sale

shop | Sunday, December 15th, 2013

From today until December 22nd enjoy 15% off at Little Red Caboose shop using the coupon code WINTERSOLSTICE2013 at the check out. xo.

order today and i’ll do my best to get your gifts and stocking stuffers in tomorrow’s post!

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tree time

brothers,celebrations,parenting,seasons | Friday, December 13th, 2013

one year i would like to choose and cut our own tree and i do love the idea of renting a potted tree for a couple of weeks but here we are again, without a change of plan, picking out our tree city style. Little M totally put me in the mood. He wore that beard for 2 hours straight;

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i opted for the less manicured Charlie Brown tree this year but Little A was set on choosing one of the largest trees on the lot – the first choice was so fat it wouldn’t even fit in the tree stand ( i am relieved that we checked before hauling it home). finding the “perfect tree” was a serious task and he found it;

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with “yes” as my mantra; yes i let Little A choose the largest possible tree. yes i hauled that heavy tree into our living room. yes i somehow got it standing straight with 2 very differing opinions of straight being imposed upon me whilst underneath it. yes i strung the lights and garlands in as little time as possible so that the very excited and anxious boys could hang the ornaments before bed time. yes we ate muffins for dinner. yes we decorated our tree listening to the Ventures greatest hits. yes our tree is magnificent.

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we have some very sweet hand mades from over the years adorning our tree but i think this post it note paper chain is my favorite!

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